Client Spotlight: Frankfurt Law Office, P.C.

While the majority of our clients in located in Alaska, we also work with clients around the United States. Today, we’re featuring Criminal defense¬†attorney, Frankfurt Law Office, P.C.

The Frankfurt Law Office is a Colorado based criminal and DUI Attorney who specializes in complex criminal law.

Case Study:

The Frankfurt Law Office came to Anchorage SEO because of a penalty they received from Google. Anchorage SEO is a well known leader in Google penalty assessment and removal and was a referral in. The previous provider engaged in ‘link schemes.’ This is a unethical SEO practice that is artificially inflate ones rankings with controlled, low quality blogs and news articles. Controlled blog networks are an easy way to cut cost and corners but later result in penalties from Google which can include complete removal from their index.

Two and a half weeks after partnering with Anchorage SEO, the Google Penalty has been removed and Frankfurt Law Office’s good rankings are coming back quickly!


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