Google to Make Reconsideration More Difficult for Repeat SEO Spammers

It comes at no surprise that Google has threatened to take ‘further action’ against SEO’s who after going through a successful reconsideration process, reverse their strategies in attempt to game Google’s system.

“..some sites violate the Webmaster Guidelines repeatedly after successfully going through the reconsideration process. For example, a webmaster who received a Manual Action notification based on an unnatural link to another site may nofollow the link, submit a reconsideration request, then, after successfully being reconsidered, delete the nofollow for the link. Such repeated violations may make a successful reconsideration process more difficult to achieve. Especially when the repeated violation is done with a clear intention to spam, further action may be taken on the site.

Google goes on to recommend webmasters avoid violating their Webmaster Guidelines and vouch to continue to remove spam from their search results.

Why do SEO companies violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?

Really, only the violator knows but either way it’s because of a lack of experience, cutting corners or malicious intent.

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