Thank you for your interest in Anchorage SEO, here are a few reasons to consider Anchorage SEO as your online marketing & web services partner.


It all stated 15 years ago when the Founder, CEO & Chief Marketing Strategist for Anchorage SEO, Sean Hakes stated in search engine optimization. Sean had a small print publication in Denver, Colorado that was after a few short runs, moved to an online publication. At the time, there were very few search engine optimizers. When Sean contacted one of them, he was given a quote for services his small, emerging business could not afford. Sean has a strong website development background and decided to emerged himself in the art of search engine optimization – he became hooked. After several years of highly successful SEO experience he graduated from doing search engine optimization for friends and family, to some of the most recognized brands online today. Additionally, Sean serves as one of the few federally appointed SEO Expert Witnesses in U.S. District Court. He leads a team of web developers, online marketers and social media experts who are all contributors to client success.


Anchorage SEO is 100% transparent. While many SEOs hide behind ‘proprietary processes’ Anchorage SEO lives, breaths and implements only SEO best practices as outlined by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. We know what we do delivers extreme value – it shows with our results and there’s nothing to hide.

World Class Customer Service

At Anchorage SEO you won’t get stuck with an entry level intern. You’ll get direct access (24/7) to your assigned SEO Expert who will personally work with you on goals, forecasting and deliverables.

Reason #4 – Our Results are Second to None

95% of our clients rank in the top 3 positions in all major search engines. The other 5% are newer clients who will be there quickly. We adapt SEO best practices which result in quick, sustainable results.

Reason #5 – Sustainable, High-Octane SEO

We’re not lazy. We’re experienced technologist and marketers who apply all of Google’s best practices in all that we do. From the implementation of correct HTML, Website Speed Optimization, Mobile Optimization, Certifications and more you can rest assured you’ve selected the right company. Our results, last a long time and are in accordance with Google’s Guidelines meaning you don’t have to worry about those pesky updates.

Proven Penalty Removal Success

Just in case you’re ‘stuck in a funk’ from some ‘funky’ prior SEOs work, rest assured that Anchorage SEO has the team to identify your penalty, get it removed, and implement on-going solutions to ensure your site no longer will violate Google’s Guidelines.

We’ve got a load of reasons but don’t take it from us. Take it from the fact that more businesses in the Untied States are turning to Anchorage SEO for their online marketing needs. Discover why, give us a call today at 907-341-3101.